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PPEF scholarships help put your education within reach. Applications open through March 15, 2024.




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PPEF scholarships are funded by generous donors who want to help hard-working students succeed.

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Scholarship Recipients

  • "I am sincerely honored that you found me worthy of your esteemed scholarship. Thank you for your generosity and thoughtfulness. COVID-19 has been a strain on our family finances, and this is definitely helping me attend a four-year college in the fall. "
    Beatrice Coyle
    2021 Four-Year Scholarship
  • "I am extremely honored to be one of this year’s recipients. While this scholarship is going to help me a lot, it is also going to help my parents. As a low-income family, my parents always worried about paying for utilities, food, insurance, etc. Now that I am attending college, they stress even more about how we’re going to pay for tuition. This scholarship definitely lessened that stress. I understand how much they gave up to be in a better country like America, so this really motivated me throughout my childhood to work hard in school."
    Jason Hoang
    2021 George C. Matteson, Jr. Scholarship
  • "I am so grateful for the scholarship that has been awarded to me. I am one of six kids, three of which are in college right now, so this scholarship truly means a lot to my family. I will be graduating in the next year with a degree in business management and a minor in Spanish. I hope to use my degree to go into the promotional products industry and one day take over my dad’s business."
    Hannah Chazan
    2021 Fran Ford Scholarship
  • "Having grown up with my family’s company, Ace Products, I have experienced the struggles and successes that come with running a promotional products business. To receive this award from the same industry that has afforded my family so much already means a tremendous amount. Though I did not know him, I have great respect for the work Mr. Pearson did over his amazing career. I feel connected to him through this scholarship and hope to represent your family well as a recipient."
    Siddarth Punjabi
    2021 Lyndon "Lindy" Pearson Scholarship